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5 players having great seasons under the radar

With over 1,700 players in the NFL, it's tough to keep track of how good or bad everyone is playing

Cardinals, Seahawks share disbelief after missed overtime FGs

Two missed overtime field goals provided more entries into the football

Vikings get first loss of season

Offensive line struggles in 20-13 loss to eagles


DeAndre Hopkins 

Forcing ball to DeAndre Hopkins is no longer a guaranteed completion. Of course it would help if the ball was delivered in his catch radius.

A.J. Bouye rated best in league

PFF has rated the versatile DB their highest grade. With the loss of Kevin Johnson, he'll need to play even better.








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Ads on NFL uniforms? Damn $traight!

All Access Sporting News discussed the possibility of buying ad space from a NASCAR team years ago but declined the offer due to the incredibly high cost for a 4" square on the passenger side, rear quarter-panel... over $7,000.00 per completed race. We ain't got Fox money here folks.

So it should be no surprise that the first of the "Big 4" sports , the Philadelphia 76ers, recently announced that they'll begin allowing StubHub ads on their uniforms starting in the 2017-18 season. The only surprising aspect about that announcement is that it took this long. The Sixers have, at long last, led the way in something, kicking loose the first stones of an avalanche that will surely result in ads on NFL uniforms before too much longer.  Maybe we'll look into what a postage-stamp sized ad would run on the Texans uniforms..


US pole vaulter Sam Kendricks' does what he's been trained to do:

Stops, stands at attention when the national anthem starts playing

In a moment that touched everyone's heart, Sam Kendricks did the right thing. When 'The Star-Spangled Banner' started playing during his competition in Rio, U.S. pole vaulter Sam Kendricks literally dropped what he was doing to pay respect to the national anthem.

Kendricks, 23, a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserve, was flying down the runway on his way to a vault when he abruptly stopped, dropped his pole and stood at attention when he heard the anthem playing.

Olympic Pole vaulter Sam Kendricks


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Drone races coming to ESPN

Drone races are coming to ESPN thanks to an “unprecedented” rise in popularity, ESPN announced Wednesday that it will broadcast the National Drone Racing Championships in New York in August and the World Drone Racing Championships in October.

The events are hosted by the International Drone Racing Association and will feature first-person camera footage from the drones as they zoom across a racecourse. Read more...


McDonald's forced to stop selling Big Macs in Venezuela

McDonald's has stopped selling Big Macs in Venezuela according to an Agence France-Presse report earlier this week. The fast-food giant reportedly is no longer able to source the slice of bread that goes between the two meat patties, AFP reports, citing Venezuelan media.

Venezuela did give us this..

"McDonald's Venezuela is working to resolve this temporary situation," Daniel Schleiniger, a spokesman for Arcos Dorados, which operates McDonald's restaurants throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, wrote in an emailed statement to Business Insider. "Together with our supplier, we are evaluating the best options that will allow us to continue serving high quality food to our customers.

For the moment, we offer other menu options such as the Quarter Pounder, CBO and McNífica, among others," he said. This isn't the first time that a McDonald's item has gone off the menu in Venezuela. In January 2015, numerous franchises ran out of potatoes, prompting restaurants to replace french fries with alternative options like yuca fries.

French fries were eventually brought back in late 2015 — but with a hefty price tag. The ongoing deterioration of Venezuela's economic and political situations has led to huge shortages of goods and food over the last few months. Things have gotten so bad that Venezuela even temporarily opened its borders to Colombia two weekends in a row so that over 100,000 Venezuelans could enter the country to buy necessary goods like food and medicine. Demand for sugar and toilet paper was reportedly particularly high.

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