Black bear found eating human remains



September 13, 2020

Bear killed while scavenging on human remains in Smoky Mtns.

       A black bear was shot and killed as it was eating human remains in the Smoky Mountains national park, wildlife officials said.

Park rangers found male human remains at a campsite along the Hazel Creek Trail area of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina, at around 7:00 pm on Friday.

The National Park Service said a bear was found nearby and was reportedly scavenging on human remains.

An alarm was launched after backpackers found an unoccupied tent at campsite 82 and left to get mobile phone coverage to report the incident to authorities right away.

Rangers and wildlife officers rushed to the scene after receiving the report. When staff arrived at Backcountry Campsite 82 shortly after midnight, they confirmed the remains were of a deceased adult male.

The bear was euthanized, per officials.

The identity of the victim, who was visiting from out of state, has not been released and the exact cause of death is still unknown.

"Rangers are currently working to notify the next of kin. The cause of death is unknown, and the case remains under active investigation," the NPS said in a statement.

The Hazel Creek Trail between Cold Springs Gap Trail and Welch Ridge Trail remains closed while investigations are ongoing.

The park, which covers a half-million acres of rugged, forested terrain across eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina, is the busiest in the National Park Service, setting a record last year with 12.5 million visitors.

Bears kill around three people a year in the U.S. and Canada, as compared to 15 people per year being killed by dogs.

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July 22, 2020, 9:09 PM CT

Black bear opens door, cleans-out kitchen, attacks man: "This is how I die?"

        Dave Chernosky of Aspen Colorado woke up to loud noises coming from his kitchen around 1:30 a.m. on July 10th. He knew immediately it wasn't the average intruder. 

"I hope this isn't a bear, that's not going to be good," Chernosky said of his thought process at the time. 

Unfortunately for Chernosky, it was not good.

"It had opened the freezer, the refrigerator, and two cupboards. I didn’t even realize it had eaten the brown sugar and blueberries," he told Denver's 9NEWS.

As his children slept, the 55-year-old calmly tried to coax the bear outside while keeping the kitchen island between the two.  The bear turned to leave. It even made its way into the garage but got spooked at the sound of the garage door opener and ran back inside the house.

"It seemed like I was doing everything the right way, and then there was a split second where it just sort of fell apart," Chernosky said.   

"I literally just turned the corner and was like, 'oh!' And bam! He hit me," Chernosky said.

The bear attacked Chernosky swiping him across the face, chest, and back. His injuries were severe, but doctors called him lucky. They told him the bear had stopped just a quarter inch away from his carotid artery. 

"I literally went from thinking, 'this is it. This is how I die? Like, this is bizarre.' That’s literally what my first thought was when I ran behind the table, I’m like, 'seriously? I’m going to get killed by a bear,'" Chernosky said.

"The other thing they tell you is if all else fails then get big, scream, and be loud. So, I mean I didn’t really have to think about it. I just started screaming at the top of my lungs as loud as I could," he said.

He made it to the hospital in Aspen and was later taken to Grand Junction for surgery. His stitches were removed Monday. He said his recovery his going quickly and smoothly.



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