August 15, 2020


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College football: The end is nigh



August 11, 2020

Pac-12 joins Big Ten in canceling fall football season

The Pac-12 is headed for the exits on the college football season following the footsteps of the Big Ten.

They are the second Power 5 conference to cancel the fall football season, per multiple reliable sources.

The Big Ten became the first conference to cancel its non-conference games. 

The conference will attempt to play its schedule in the spring.

The SEC, BIG12, and the ACC are the only remaining conferences. We can expect football in the fall from these three.

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Updated August 11, 2020, 7:14 AM CT

The BIG10 folds

       The NCAA football season is in serious jeopardy due to the coronavirus as the first of the 'power five' conferences has made a decision.

The Big Ten Conference presidents have voted to cancel the fall football season due to concerns about playing amid the COVID-19 pandemic, per multiple sources.

The Big Ten presidents voted 12-2 in favor of canceling the fall season.

Power 5 conference commissioners held an emergency meeting on Sunday, and there's "growing concern" among officials that the college football season and other fall sports can't be played, per ESPN.

"It doesn't look good," one Power 5 athletic director said.

The Mid-American Conference became the first FBS league to postpone its fall sports season on Saturday.

Some schools might be able to afford to put all their student-athletes in a 'bubble,' particularly in the SEC, where football revenues are on steroids. And that might be what we end up with. One conference, playing in a bubble. If it is to be - it's up to the SEC.

The postponement or cancellation of the season seems likely, but one of the Power 5 conferences is going to have to fold first. My guess? The BIG10, BIG12, ACC, and PAC12 all fold.

"Nobody wanted to be the first to do it, and now nobody will want to be the last," a Power 5 coach said, per ESPN.



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