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Top fans named for NFL teams

       The NFL announced today the ‘Fan of the Year’ nominees from all 32 Clubs, one of which will be crowned the ultimate NFL ‘Fan of the Year’ during Super Bowl LV weekend in Tampa Bay. In partnership with all 32 Clubs and receiving nearly 35,000 submissions, this program was designed to spotlight extraordinary fans who have a special affinity for their team, provides inspiration to others and showcase how football unites their family, friends and local communities. 

Check out the winners.

Houston Texans

Daniel Flores

Daniel (“2 Cans Dan”) has been a lifelong Houston sports superfan according to himself and all who know him. It all became a major part of his life when his dad passed away and he got out of an abusive relationship, and a good friend of his saw him down on his luck got him a black cowboy beer hat for his birthday. It was like magic - he knew exactly what to do with it. He collected all the unique Texans stickers he could find and put together a masterpiece of fan art. He hasn’t missed a home game in over 11 years and travels to away games as much as he can. He made all games home and away last year and has even traveled to the NFL Draft. Over the years he has appeared all across the media showing his support for the Texans - being a Texans fan means everything to him!

Dallas Cowboys

Zachary Ruiz

Zachary was selected for his courageous decision to give a kidney to his sister which led to their dedicated fandom to the Dallas Cowboys. During their recovery, Adrianna and Zachary bonded over Cowboys Instagram videos, highlight reels, and watching throwback games on TV. They exemplify the dedication, courage, and commitment that the Cowboys admire in their fans.

Minnesota Vikings

Millie Wall

Millie became well known worldwide after going viral during the 2018 playoff season when she was gifted tickets for her 100th birthday and attended her first ever NFL playoff game - the Minneapolis Miracle game. Sports fans all around the world fell in love with “America’s Grandma” and even went as far as claiming Millie was the Vikings lucky charm after the dubbed “Hail Millie” Minneapolis Miracle catch. The only reason I included the Vikings was for Top Fans Jim K. and Sue A. - freezing their asses off in the land of 10,000 lakes.

New Orleans Saints

Stephanie Williams

Stephanie is an avid lover of the New Orleans Saints - she never misses a home game, has been a season ticket holder for years, and has even collected an impressive array of helmets. Stephanie also assists local charities in many ways and is incredibly passionate about giving back and supporting people in her community. Stephanie has recently assisted in providing meals for front line workers as well as those impacted by hurricanes in Louisiana. Giving back to the community and the New Orleans Saints are a vital part of Stephanie’s life, and she takes pride in her love for helping both entities in any way that she can.

Kansas City Chiefs

Roger McCush

Roger is a lifelong Chiefs fan who takes pride in keeping the ‘Sea of Red’ alive and participating in Chiefs traditions such as being an season ticket member, tailgating and traveling to training camp practices. He is currently a PE teacher at a school for the severely disabled and enjoys getting the students involved in sports, serving on fundraising committees and getting the community involved in Chiefs fandom. Roger also recently battled and overcame Kidney cancer, which is an inspiration to his friends, family and Chiefs community.

Green Bay Packers

Barry Kamrath

Barry was born on January 15, 1967, the very day that the Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl I. Since then, he has been a devoted Packers fan. He has rarely missed a game, having attended several at Lambeau Field, including games that have been well below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. He married a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan. He is white, and his wife is African-American. They have struggled with some of the racial issues in our country, and they have experienced discrimination on more than one occasion. But, in part because of their blood flowing either Green Bay green and gold, or Dallas blue and white, they have overcome many obstacles. They have come together through football. The only color that really matters are the colors of their jerseys. They live in a suburb of Atlanta, and they have Falcon season tickets. They go to support the local team, but also, they can’t wait for their team to visit town, so they can put on our jerseys and support their teams! Their story shares how the NFL can be a positive factor and cause people to come together through their love of football.

Cleveland Browns

Kendalyn Mackay

Patients in need of dialysis can not miss any treatments. No matter what is going on, the work of a dialysis tech can not miss a beat. With at risk-patients requiring treatments from home, and other high-risk employees unable to make it into work, this created a greater demand for dialysis techs to be readily available. Kendalyn has stepped up to the plate to help meet this demand by working longer shifts and picking up extra days when needed. She has also been called into work on her days off without even thinking twice.

The complete list can be found HERE



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