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HOF game canceled



June 25, 2020

Hall of Fame Game canceled

       The Hall of Fame Game, the league’s annual preseason kickoff in Canton, Ohio, has been canceled.

The Dallas Cowboys-Pittsburgh Steelers were to face each other on Aug. 6th.

The enshrinement ceremony for the Hall of Fame Class of 2020 has also been postponed, likely until next year, when the Steelers and Cowboys are expected to face each other in the 2021 Hall of Fame Game according to Adam Schefter.

The cancelation of the Hall of Fame Game is the biggest concession the NFL has made yet to the pandemic. Although the league canceled the live event portion of the NFL draft, it still had the draft on its scheduled date and has gone through the offseason as if everything is proceeding as planned.

Whether further changes are coming in training camp, the preseason and the regular season... we'll find out.



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