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India puts 1.3 billion people on lock-down



March 25, 2020

India locks down 1.3 billion people to halt coronavirus spread

      The World's largest democracy, and 2nd most populous country, India, ordered a 21-day lockdown of its 1.3 billion people on Tuesday to try and stop the spread of the coronavirus, according to the Himalayan Times.

Health researchers warned that more than a million people in India could be infected with the coronavirus by mid-May, prompting the government to shut down all air and train travel, businesses, and schools.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, went further, saying nobody will be allowed to leave their homes for the next three weeks from midnight on Tuesday.

“The only way to save ourselves from coronavirus is if we don’t leave our homes, whatever happens, we stay at home,” Modi said in a second address in less than a week to try and rally around Indians behind the sweeping lockdown.

“Every district, every lane, every village will be under lockdown,” he said, warning the country would be set back by decades if it didn’t shut down and fight the virus.

Thousands turned up at shops in Delhi and Mumbai and elsewhere to buy essentials before the ban orders went into effect. I wonder if they're going bat-shit crazy over toilet paper too?

India has 606 cases of the coronavirus and 11 people have died from the COVID-19 disease.

The big concern is the spread into impoverished communities and the ability of a limited public health system to cope with such a deadly virus.

In Wuhan, China, where the virus started, the two-month lock-down is finally easing.

More than 458,662 people have been infected by the coronavirus globally and 20, 799 have died since it emerged in China, according to Worldometer.info.com.

Here Are The Top 10 Populated Countries in 2018, per Wikipedia:

China  1,384,688,986

India 1,296,834,046

The United States 329,256,465

Indonesia 262,787,403

Brazil 208,846,892

Pakistan 207,862,518

Nigeria 195,300,343

Bangladesh 159,453,001



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