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Soylent partners with Walmart for distribution


'Soylent' to be sold at Walmart

   Soylent, the meal replacement drink developed in Silicon Valley will soon be offered in 450 Walmart stores across the US Rosa Foods announced on Wednesday.

Current Soylent CEO Bryan Crowley added in a statement that the move is “a significant step in providing more ways for consumers to get access to our brand,” expanding beyond its current placement in 7-Eleven stores. 

 Soylent’s original success was a way for Silicon Valley engineers to remain reclusive trolls who's skin never saw the light of day, and engaging in human interaction was a foreign concept.

Despite overpaid Silicon Valley investors continuing to pump money into the company, it’s banned in Canada for not meeting “meal replacement” requirements, and its CEO resigned in December 2017.

Late last year Soylent began selling in 7-Eleven stores across the greater-LA region. It was the first time the meal-replacement drink had been offered in stores, with all sales previously done online via Amazon and the company’s website. 

Soylent is a ready-to-drink product that claims to provide 20 percent of daily nutritional requirements in 400 calories. It contains ingredients including soy protein, sunflower oil, and isomaltulose, a type of carbohydrate from beets. 

"Eating isn't easy," Soylent’s website says, vowing to make meals less stressful via its range of drink and powder mixtures described by Quartz as tasting like “licking stamps” and “stale Cheerios.” Marketed toward millennials, the time-starved hacker-set, and efficient Silicon Valley-types, the products offer a nutrition-dense meal replacement you can down in a few gulps rather than stopping to get lunch.

According to the Soylent blog, three flavors available at 7-Eleven locations: Cacao, Cafe Coffiest, and Cafe Chai. 

Previous Soylent CEO Rob Rhinehart hinted a distribution expansion was coming: “We are thrilled to be working alongside the talented 7-Eleven team and look forward to building our retail presence nationwide.” 

Soylent has had four product recalls within 18 months, including food bars that reportedly made people violently sick, and some consumers complained of digestion issues with some of the company's products.

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