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Updated January 3, 2021 at 10:11 AM CT

Company produces methane-capturing face mask for cows

      A sustainable agriculture company has manufactured a device they say will help cut global warming by neutralizing methane exhaled by cows.

Zelp, a company based in London, says that its device can help contribute to a “strong reduction in the global warming potential of methane.”

The company says you simply strap the mask over to the snouts of cows, where it “neutralises methane exhaled in real time.” Oh, sure, that should go swimingly well. I’d hate to be the first cow, because every other cow will be like, “get the fuck away from me!”

The device also has digital monitoring technologies such as geolocation and emission monitoring capabilities.

Activists have warned that cows are significant contributors to global warming due to their regular emission of methane, including in the form of burps. Methane from cattle “contribute[s] nearly 10% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide when measured over 20 years,” Zelp argues.



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