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Paranoia on aisle 3



March 24, 2020

Shopping tips in the times of coronavirus

     If you're like me, you've been freaked out when you enter a store. Everybody at Costco looks contagious. Everything at HEB looks contagious. It's just weird. But there are ways to reassure yourself that you're not picking up the coronavirus and bringing it home for dinner.

Consumer Reports says there's no evidence that coronavirus is spread by consuming food. But they do recommend hygiene practices while grocery shopping.

Wipe the cart handles down with a sanitizing wipe.

Wear gloves and a mask.

Wipe down all produce and containers of food with soap and water once you get home.

Also, wash your hands and wipe down the counter-tops when you're done putting food away.

Consumer Reports also recommends using a credit or debit card instead of cash since cash is usually handled by more people 

Grocery delivery services are ideal for certain populations.

"For older people and those with underlying health conditions, the group that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends stay home, I would highly recommend using a grocery delivery service," Consumer Reports' Director of Food Safety Jim Rogers said.

For those who do have their grocery delivered, Consumer Reports recommends a no-contact delivery, which involves having the delivery person drop the groceries off at your doorstep.

People who use the service can tip electronically.

For those picking up groceries that have been ordered online, Consumer Reports recommends something as simple as opening the door to your car yourself, possibly preventing germs from another person's hands from getting onto your car's door handle.

If delivery is not an option, Consumer Reports recommends going to the grocery store at times when it's less crowded to reduce the number of people you're around.

However you get your groceries, you're reminded to always wash your hands after you handle them.

Stay safe. Stay home. Wash your hands. 

Nothing kills a virus on the surface better than soap.



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