Learn the signs of Prostate canacer



February 19, 2020

Learn the signs of prostate cancer

    Prostate cancer had overtaken breast cancer as the most commonly diagnosed cancer.

If caught in the early stage, it greatly increases the chances of beating it – which is why it’s vital to know the early warning signs.

The signs of prostate cancer

Most men with early prostate cancer won’t notice any symptoms. That’s because the disease tends to grow in a part of the prostate that’s away from the urethra.

It’s only when the cancer is big enough to press on the tube that men tend to notice symptoms, including;

Trouble starting to pee

Difficulty emptying your bladder

A slow flow when you pee

A feeling that your bladder hasn’t emptied properly

 Dribbling after you finish peeing

Needing to pee more, especially at night

A sudden need to pee, sometimes leaking before getting to the toilet

If prostate cancer breaks out of the gland and invades other parts of the body, it can cause other symptoms, including:

Back, hip or pelvic pain

Problems getting or keeping an erection

Blood in the urine or semen

Unexplained weight loss

These symptoms can all be caused by other health problems, but it’s still a good idea to tell your GP about any symptoms so they can find out what’s causing them and make sure you get the right treatment if you need it.


Family history – having a brother or father with prostate cancer may double a man’s risk compared to men with no family history of the disease.

Age – the older a man gets the greater the risk, with prostate cancer most commonly affecting men over the age of 50.

Change in urinary habits – changes in urinary habits are not always a sign of prostate cancer but they can be a symptom.

Ethnicity – black African and black Caribbean men are at double the risk of developing prostate cancer than other men and may develop the disease earlier too, most commonly affecting men from this group over 45.



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