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    Joey "Jaws'' Chestnut ate 71 hotdogs and buns to secure his 12th title at the annual Nathan's Famous July Fourth hot dog eating contest 

Asked how he felt after the contest, Chestnut said, "I feel like I should eat a couple more.''

Miki Sudo won the women's competition by downing 31 hot dogs. She said she felt "wonderful'' as she walked off the stage.

The 33-year-old fell short of her total last year of 37 but earned her sixth consecutive title by easily beating runner-up Michelle Lesco, who only gobbled down 26  dogs.

Chestnut and Sudo will each take home $10,000.

Chestnut has lost only once since 2007, when he pulled ahead of longtime foe Takeru Kobayashi for the first time. An ESPN documentary released Tuesday features the two former rivals and their extreme training regimens.

"It's not something that there's books written about," Chestnut says in the film, which shows him lifting his head up and down with a weight dangling from his mouth. "There's not trainers. Everything's trial and error."

Kobayashi is no longer involved in the event.

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Annual Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest

What: Annual Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest

Where:  The corner of Surf & Stillwell,  Coney Island, NY

When: July 4th

TV: ESPN2, 12:00 PM ET  

Every year, Nathan’s Famous 4th of July International Hot Dog-Eating Contest draws nearly 25,000 people to Coney Island, N.Y.

Over a million viewers tune in to ESPN2’s live coverage, to watch 20 competitors eat as many hot dogs as they can in 10 minutes.

Joey “Jaws” Chestnut extended his reign as champion eater last year, downing a record 74 dogs and buns in 10 minutes to take home the coveted Mustard Belt for an 11th time. 

Miki Sudo held onto her title as the top woman's competitor at the annual Brooklyn eat-off. Sudo devoured 37 franks and buns to take home the top prize for an unprecedented fifth consecutive year.

Chestnut fended off 20 others at New York's Coney Island boardwalk for the annual Independence Day competition. Carmen Cincotti came in second but wasn't close to stealing the mustard belt from Chestnut, who is ranked No. 1 in the world by Major League Eating. 

For the second year in a row Austin native Juan Neave is among the 18 male and 18 female contestants competing for the $20,000 grand prize.

2019 Odds

Online gambling sites such as Bovada are accepting wagers on every aspect of the annual Coney Island contest.

 11-time champion and heavy favorite Joey “Jaws” Chestnut's odds to take home another title are -1000. For the uninitiated, -1000 means anyone betting on Chestnut to repeat as top dog needs to wager that amount just to win back $100.

There’s also special prop bets on whether any contestants will be interrupted by animal rights protesters — as they tried to do in 2017 – and the over-under for total hot dogs downed by the men’s winner, currently set at 73.5 wieners, just below Chestnut’s record of 74 that he set in 2018.

Here’s some of the competitive eating action on the Fourth:

Will a contestant be interrupted by PETA during the contest?

Yes +700

No -1600

Will there be a recount?

No -400

Yes +250

Will there be an eat-off?

Yes +750

No -2000

Total hot dogs eaten by men’s champion?

Over 73.5 -130

Under 73.5 -110

Total hot dogs eaten by women’s champion?

Over 38.5 -130

Under 38.5 -110

Master blaster

George Shea—the colorful Carney Master/Master of Ceremonies— introduces the competitors 'Bruce Baffert UFC style.' 

At the 2014 Nathan’s contest, he introduced one of the competitors saying: “His mother held him close and whispered in his ear. She said you are of my flesh, but you are not my own. Fate is your father and you belong to the people.”

In 2015 he delivered the classic:“In a world of nothing. Of barren hills and cracked earth and once-proud oceans drained to sand, there will still be a monument to our existence. Bleached by the sun, perhaps, and blunted by time, but everlasting. Because this man represents all that is eternal in the human experience. … Through the curtain of the aurora, a comet blazes to herald his arrival, and his victory shall be transcribed into every language known to history, including Klingon. The Bratwurst, and Pierogi, and Hooters Chicken Wing eating champion of the world, eight-time Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating champion of the world, the no. 1 eater in the world, I give you America itself, Joey Chestnut.”

Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas is the women’s record-holder. Her record is 45 buns and franks, but last year she only managed 30. 

Miki Sudo stole the women's competition from The Black Widow last year, downing an impressive 41 franks and buns. She’s back this year seeking her fifth women’s title.

MLE (Major League Eating)

The Rules:

Vomiting during the competition will end in disqualification (if the regurgitation touches the table or their plate), and eaters can also be penalized for messy eating. But after the competition ends, eaters can relieve themselves however they like.

If the competition did come down to a tie, the winner would be decided through a five-dog eat off. If that doesn’t find a winner, a one-hot dog round of sudden death is called.

The Payoff

There’s big money in the big hot dog scramble. Whoever scoffs the most dogs and buns within ten minutes stands to win a portion of a total prize purse of $40,000.

The Mustard Yellow Belt

Is the organization's signature championship belt. 

The belt is renowned in the competitive eating world. It was held by Takeru Kobayashi from 2001 to 2006, but Kobayashi was beaten by Joey Chestnut in 2007 and held the Championship Belt for eight years until Matthew Stonie (Eater YouTuber) beat him at the July Fourth Hot Dog Eating Contest in 2015. Chestnut, however, reclaimed the title in 2016 when he ate 70 hot dogs.

Ran DeBord - All Access Sporting News

Source: AASNNews; AASNSports; AP; MLE

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