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Dabo is confident



April 3, 2020

Dabo says COVID-19 won't delay 2020 season: 'We'll kick this in the teeth'

Dabo Swinney is putting on a happy face in light of the coronavirus pandemic. The Clemson head coach is hoping bluster and acronyms will make COVID-19 go away.

On a conference call today, Sweeney said, "I have zero doubt we are going to play," Swinney told reporters. He continued: "This is America, man. This is the greatest country (on) the planet. We will rise up and kick this in the teeth. September is a long time away, man."

Swinney went on to compare the conquering of the coronavirus to  storming the beaches of Normandy, putting humans on the moon, and creating the iPhone.

He even created a Tiger team acronym - 







"I would tell all to keep the faith, I really would. We are going to get to the other side of this," Swinney added. "God is going to be glorified to through this. Easter is next weekend, take this time to really reflect and be prayerful because a lot of lives have been turned upside down."

At best, it might keep his players motivated to keep working hard, at worst, it's incredibly naive.



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