Warnings sent to SEC teams



Updated October 8, 2020   3:15 PM CT

Fines, suspensions for COVID-19 protocol violations

        SEC commissioner Greg Sankey sees what is happening to the Tennessee Titans with the COVID-19 protocol violations and is taking no chances. Sanke has sent out an internal memo to athletic directors and coaches for a second straight week regarding the need to follow the conference’s COVID-19 protocols.

The memo outlines fines and possible suspensions as punishment for teams failing to adhere to the conference’s guidelines, according to ESPN’s Alex Scarborough.

“Do not relax - and do not let those around you relax - because of a few weeks of success,” it read.

Sankey cited the recent spread of the coronavirus in the White House and the impact of recent positive tests on the NFL schedule. He states programs failing to adhere to the implemented protocols will receive a $100,000 reduction in conference revenue.

The fine amount will increase by $100,000 for each subsequent week of noncompliance.

“In addition, individuals who fail to comply with or disregard the masking requirement could be subject to penalties, including but not limited to, suspension for a specified period,” the memo read.

Sankey’s message from last week reminded teams in his conference to wear face coverings and warned additional action could be taken if guidelines aren’t strictly followed.

Despite a handful of programs facing COVID-19 outbreaks in the offseason, the SEC has played two weeks of its conference-only schedule without issues related to the virus.



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