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Ads on NFL uniforms? Damn $traight!

All Access Sporting News has sponsored events such as Fan Festivals, Radio Station Remotes, Watching Parties, etc., in the past, but when we discussed the possibility of buying ad space from a NASCAR team we quickly realized we had hit the ceiling.

Ads on uniforms of the "Big 4" sports is becoming a reality. NASCAR and the PGA both have ads emblazoned on their assets.

The Philadelphia 76ers, recently announced that they'll begin allowing StubHub ads on their uniforms starting in the 2017-18 season. The only surprising aspect about that announcement is that it took this long. The Sixers have, at long last, led the way in something, kicking loose the first stones of an avalanche that will surely result in ads on NFL uniforms before too much longer.

Maybe we'll look into what a postage-stamp sized ad would run on the Cleveland Browns uniforms.

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