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Updated January 28, 2019

Bettor "X" - Driving Vegas nuts

    During the World Series, there was a guy who became known as the “let it ride” bettor who went 6 of 6 on his bets before cashing in ahead ofGame 7 for a reported $10 million.

The same dude returned for the Super Bowl, and “Bettor X” has turned the Eagles’ win over the New England Patriots into at least $6 million. "Bettor X" put $3 million on the Eagles at the MGMsports book.

The gambler also, reportedly, put a $1 million, money-line bet on the Eagles at William Hill U.S., $700,000 and $500,000 bets at OG Technology and South Point's sports books.

“He’s one of the guys who was floating around betting all that money on the World Series,” veteran Las Vegas bookmaker Jimmy Vaccaro, now of the South Point, told the Associated Press. “I don’t think he lost a bet then. We’ll see how he does now.”

No sportsbooks have revealed Bettor "X'"s identity.

We're waiting to hear from @RJinVegas on this years' Super Bowl bet by the mystery man.

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 Sources for this article include: AP, Twitter, RJinVegas ,AASNSports  

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