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Super Bowl LIV

San Francisco vs Kansas City

When: 6:30 PM ET, Sunday, February 2, 2020

Where: Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida

I'll update this page frequently. Check back later for a complete preview analysis.


StubHub quotes the average sale price for a Super Bowl LIV ticket is $7,000 each, the highest average sale price in the last decade. The cheapest price which dropped 8% from Saturday to Tuesday, is currently $4,840.

Betting on the Bowl

      Historically over the past 20 Super Bowls, the match-ups posted with totals at 50 or higher that were expected to be shootouts ended up mostly staying 'under.' Six games were 50 or higher over that stretch and five of them stayed under with the one 'over' game being the Patriots magical comeback in 2017 after being down 28-3 to win 34-28 in the first overtime in Super Bowl history.

This season, the 49ers averaged a 30-19 score and the Chiefs averaged a 29-20 score.

There’s a strong possibility that the attractive Super Bowl 54 matchup between the Chiefs and 49ers could break the Nevada Super Bowl handle record of $158.6 million set in 2018 when the Eagles beat the Patriots.

“Yes, I do think it can set a record,” CG Technology sportsbook director Tony DiTommaso said shortly after opening the Chiefs -1. “It’s a great matchup between an old school team like the 49ers against the sleek quick-strike offense of the Chiefs. I personally made the 49ers -1, but Chiefs -1 is a good starting point for us.”

William Hill’s head bookmaker Nick Bogdanovich also believes it can set a record but throws caution for one reason.

“It’s a great matchup,” he said. “I would bet ‘yes’ on the record happening but not with both hands. The lack of a money-line will hurt.”

The Chiefs are -115 to -120 on the money-line and that’s not going to attract too much action either way as a +150 does for those bettors that simply bet the underdog to win outright each Super Bowl.



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