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September 14, 2019

Offer made by porn group for naming rights of Miami Heat arena

     A Miami-based adult-content website said Thursday it had made a $10 million bid for the naming rights to American Airlines Arena, the home of the Miami Heat NBA franchise. said on Twitter it submitted its bid to rename the venue BangBros Center - which it said could be shortened to BBC -- for a 10-year period.

"We've officially Submitted our $10,000,000 bid for the naming rights to the Miami Heat Arena. We wish to thank American Airlines for their past support of the @MiamiHEAT We intend to change the name to the BangBros Center aka 'The BBC'  #BangBrosCares, the group announced via Twitter."

β€œMiami is known for many things β€” South Beach, beautiful women and sports teams like the professional NBA team the Miami Heat,” the company said. β€œSo it makes sense to pair up winning programs like the Miami Heat and BangBros for a sponsorship opportunity, naming the home arena they play in.”

The Miami Herald reported that American Airlines announced earlier this month it won't renew its naming rights deal with the facility when it expires at the end of the year.

"American Airlines is proud to call Miami home. We are not seeking to renew naming rights for the arena, but remain the official airline of the Miami Heat and continue to invest in programs that support the community, where 13,500 American team members live and work,” said Alexis Aran Coello, communications manager for the Texas-based airline. "We wish Miami-Dade County well in their search for a new sponsor.”

The city hasn't responded to the proposal, but a representative for Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez, asked for comment, responded: "Seriously?"

American pays $2 million annually for the naming rights to the county-owned arena. A spokeswoman for Gimenez said the county already restricts advertising for liquor and tobacco products in the venue, making it highly unlikely that anything associated with pornography would be accepted.

β€œMiami-Dade County has rules guiding contracts and sponsorships to ensure they are family-friendly businesses,” she said.



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