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Titan not talking football. Period



August 29, 2020

Titan player vows to only talk 'social injustice,' not football this season

     Titans' safety Kenny Vaccaro made it clear that his position on 'social injustice' is all he's going to talk about this season, should someone want to talk to him.

“People can say, ‘Shut up and dribble,’ or ‘Stick to sports,’ but at the same time, enough is enough,” Vaccaro said, per Teresa Walker of The Associated Press.

Vaccaro plans to help “people understand what is right from wrong.”

“I know for me, the next step is just taking action, getting in the communities, being a shining light and an example,” Vaccaro said. “Not just a hashtag. Not just a black square that everybody in the world posted on Instagram and thought that meant something. Not making this a movement, but making it a lifestyle.”

The Titans were among nine NFL teams that canceled practice Thursday.

Vaccaro said the Titans have yet to discuss sitting out a regular-season game. Tennessee opens the season Sept. 14 at Denver.

“We’re taking this thing day by day,” Vaccaro said. “It’s a new experience. We don’t want to rush anything. We don’t want to make any emotional decisions. I think this is a daily thing and right now we haven’t talked about that.”

I think this approach will backfire. If that's all you're going to talk about, and we know your position, what else do we have to talk about?



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