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Updated Tuesday, December 10, 2019, 3:05 PM CT

Visors allowed, but only from this brand



August 27, 2019

NFL reveals new helmet visors available to players

     For the first time in the modern era of football, players will be allowed to wear tinted visors without a medical waiver.

The NFL will permit all players to wear slightly colored shields thanks to an exclusive new partnership with Oakley, the California-based producer of visors, sunglasses and other sports apparel.

The four-year partnership makes Oakley the first official on-field partner and licensee of the league's eyewear and will kick off with the 2019 season, when all 32 NFL teams will be outfitted with Oakley's Prizm Lens helmet shields. As part of the agreement, all players will have the option to wear Oakley's Prizm Lens Clear shields, which have a slight color tint.

Previously, players could select the shield brand of their choice -- whether they wore clear visors or received medical clearance for a tinted shield. Now, all helmet shields will be visibly branded with Oakley's signature "O."

Oakley has been producing helmet shields for more than 20 years, providing the product to athletes at all levels of the sport. This season will simply mark its first foray into the NFL on a full-time, exclusive basis.

The change isn't likely to have a dramatic impact on the game, as the tints are not as dark-colored as the visors worn by past greats like Vick and L.T. 

It's another marketing icon we'll subtly be exposed to in those everpresent close-up face shots.



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