Dwayne Haskins

Updated April 19, 2021 at 8:08 AM CT

No-cost for high-risk Covid contact

       The NFLPA informed players this weekend that the NFL will not discipline players for β€œhigh-risk COVID conduct” during the offseason. That must be a huge weight off of Deshaun Watson’s shoulders.

NFL Media reports that the league will not discipline players for activities such as going to bars or indoor events with crowds, which were off limits last offseason.

Former Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins (now a Steeler) infamously flaunted his nights at the strip club, was fined $40,000 and was stripped of his captain role last year for his behavior that violated COVID-19 protocols.

The NFL still will allow clubs to discipline players for violating protocols at team facilities, such as refusing to wear a mask.

Most teams begin the virtual portion of offseason programs on Monday. Phase Three, the only phase that will consist of on-field work, will include 10 on-field voluntary in-person practices and a three-day mandatory minicamp that will run from May 24-June 18. The NFLPA is recommending players skip voluntary in-person work, and players from 19 teams have issued statements that at least some of their players will not show up, per ProFootballTalk.



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