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July 22, 2019

Talks between NFP/NFLPA "productive"

      The NFL and NFLPA are slowly progressing toward an agreement after their fourth set of talks about a new Collective Bargaining Agreement on Wednesday and the schedule called for the meetings to last for three days.

The two sides wrapped things up after several hours of conversations. A joint statement from the league and the union didn’t discuss the reason for the change, but did paint a rosy picture:

“Today’s meeting was productive, constructive and beneficial for both sides, and the meetings between the NFLPA’s Executive Committee and the NFL’s Management Council Executive Committee will continue.”

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that the two sides wanted a chance to “review and regroup” before coming back together on July 29 for more discussions.

The current CBA is up after the 2020 season and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has talked about his desire to see a new one in place before the 2019 season is underway. There are big issues to hammer out if that is going to happen and we may have a better sense if that’s possible by the end of the month.

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July 2, 2019

Report: NFL, NFLPA aiming to secure new CBA before 2019 season

     The NFL and the players' association have begun discussing a new collective bargaining agreement in the hopes of securing a new deal before the upcoming season kicks off, sources told ESPN's Dan Graziano.

The current CBA doesn't expire until after the 2020 season, but there have already been three negotiating sessions involving players and owners, as well as regular conversations between both sides outside of those meetings, Graziano added. Talks are expected to intensify throughout July with more meetings scheduled.

Both sides are cautiously optimistic an agreement can be in place before the 2019 season begins. The owners are motivated to secure a new deal amid the league's "NFL 100" marketing campaign and impending re-negotiations with TV rights holders.

If a new agreement isn't in place by March 2020, next season will include new contract and salary cap rules as part of the final year of the CBA. Some of these rules include a team's ability to use both the franchise and transition tags.

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May 29, 2019

NFLPA to players: 'plan for work stoppage of at least 1 year'

     NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith wants players to be financially prepared for a possible work stoppage that could last at least a year.

Smith sent an email to NFL agents Tuesday morning, obtained by Lauren Brill of News5 Cleveland, suggesting players implement a savings strategy in case a work stoppage occurs after the current collective bargaining agreement expires following the 2020 season.

Here is the email 👇🏼

Dear Contract Advisor:

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet in Los Angeles with a group of agents who had clients invited to NFLPA's Rookie Premiere event. The meeting focused on putting in place a savings plan for rookies in the league now that nearly 75% of the draftees have signed their contracts and many have already received their signing bonus or at least a large portion of their bonus.With a possible work stoppage less than two years away, this is the opportune time to set up a structured and organized savings and budgeting plan with your clients. I can't stress enough the importance of having our player members in a sound financial situation should a work stoppage occur. We are advising players to plan for a work stoppage of at least a year in length. We are also encouraging all players to save 50% of their salary and bonuses and to save the entirety of their Performance Based Pay amount they should earn over the next two regular seasons.

Having a membership that is financially stable will only increase the chances of NFLPA player leadership getting a new CBA that will benefit not only players currently in the NFL but also the players that come after them and the ones that came before them. Thank you.

DeMaurice Smith

Smith is firing the first salvo over the head of the NFL that the NFLPA is willing to bargain hard for the players when CBA negotiations ramp up.



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