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Cowboys, Prescott near deal



March 26, 2020

Cowboys, Prescott making progress in contract talks

     Contract talks between the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott are progressing, albeit slowly. The two sides are trading proposals for contract lengths between 4-5 years.

 The Cowboys would prefer a five-year deal per Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports.

The Cowboys used the exclusive franchise tag on Prescott earlier this month. His contract would be worth around $33 million under the tag, which is the averages of the top five quarterback salaries in the NFL.

 Sometime around this yearโ€™s scouting combine, Dallas made an offer with a reported average annual value of roughly $33.5M.

Prescott's agent Todd France, is looking for a contract that is between four and five years in length, noting new offers will โ€œlikelyโ€ be proposed. 



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