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Updated Tuesday, December 10, 2019, 3:05 PM CT

No coaching change in Dallas



December 3, 2019

Garrett marked safe, Cowboys won't make changes to coaching staff

     Jason Garrett has been the Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys for nine years, and he will continue to be until Jerry Jones is no longer the owner of the team. He doesn't have the energy to break-in a new guy, and he, like most Cowboy fans, are eternally myopically optimistic.

Jones has made it clear that he wonโ€™t be firing Garrett during the season claiming that the team will have a โ€œzero percentโ€ chance of making it to the Super Bowl if Garrett is relieved of his duties.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isnโ€™t firing head coach Jason Garrett and he isnโ€™t giving up his hopes for a fairytale ending to the 2019 season. Jones made that clear during a Tuesday appearance on 105.3 The Fan. 

The Cowboys have lost two straight games and three of their last four to tough opponents that could have easily been wins with a little luck.

โ€œI look at our team with our skill set and I look at other teams with theirs, and thereโ€™s nothing in my mind that jumps out at me that we canโ€™t be playing well enough to take it to the house,โ€ Jones said.

The Cowboys play Chicago on Thursday night.



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