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August 23, 2019

Cowboys to offer Elliott incentive-laden contract to make highest-paid RB

   The Cowboys are reportedly prepared to offer Ezekiel Elliott a new deal that could make him the NFL's highest-paid running back ahead of Todd Gurley.

Elliott, who was "working out" in Cabo, is reported to be flying back to Dallas this weekend, Per Dallas radio station 105.3 TheFan's Kevin Turner, who was the first to report that Elliott was flying to Cabo.

The offer to the 24-year-old Elliott would surpass the four-year, $52.5-million deal that the New York Jets' handed to Bell earlier this offseason and would eclipse Gurley's $14.38 million.

That'll never happen from a guaranteed salary standpoint because the Rams were total idiots for paying Gurley that much in the first place - but expect it to be so incentive-laden that he would have to rush for 2,500, yards, win the Super Bowl, never get a parking ticket, and go to church every Sunday to surpass Gurley's deal... but itcould happen.     

Expect it to be HEAVILY incentive-based

The Cowboys are considering contract extensions for several players, including Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper, and Byron Jones.

Dallas inked linebacker Jaylon Smith to a five-year, $64-million contract extension Tuesday.



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Some content sourced and verified from:  AASNSports; Spotrac; 105.3TheFan

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Here are the Cowboys draft picks for 2019:
Round 2 (58): DI Trysten Hill, UCF
Round 3 (90): G Connor McGovern, Penn State
Round 4 (128): RB Tony Pollard, Memphis
Round 5 (158): CB Michael Jackson, Miami (Fla.)
Round 5 (165): Edge Joe Jackson, Miami (Fla.)
Round 6 (213): S Donovan Wilson, Texas A&M
Round 7 (218): RB Mike Weber, Ohio State
Round 7 (241): Edge Jalen Jelks, Oregon

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