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The NFL draft: Arizona selects Murray

The NFL draft: Arizona selects Murray

March 27, 2020

Onward through the fog; Goodell confirms NFL draft will go ahead as scheduled

   NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed to teams in a memo on Thursday that the 2020 NFL Draft will proceed as scheduled on April 23-25.

"All clubs should now be doing the necessary planning to conduct draft operations in a location outside of your facility, with a limited number of people present, and with sufficient technology resources to allow you to communicate internally, with other clubs, and with draft headquarters," wrote Goodell.

Per @AdamSchefter:

The league had already canceled the public events set to take place in Las Vegas amid the coronavirus pandemic. The draft will instead be moved into a studio, though the league has yet to announce its specific plans.

Goodell said the management council executive committee was "unanimous and unequivocal" in its decision to allow the draft to go ahead as planned.

"I also believe that the draft can serve a very positive purpose for our clubs, our fans, and the country at large, and many of you have agreed," wrote Goodell.

Among those who don't agree with the decision is the league's general manager subcommittee, which reportedly unanimously recommended postponing the event.

In Roger Goodell’s memo that the draft will go on, he served warning to those around the league that criticize the league’s stance. Goodell wrote, “public discussion of issues relating to the draft serves no useful purpose and is grounds for disciplinary action.”

Per Tom Pellissiro:

The challenge created by elimination of most pro days, workouts, etc., as team executives explain it:

30-40% of players on a team’s draft board won’t have verified measurements

15-20% won’t have a medical grade 

As one exec told me: “Some teams are really gonna f*** this up.”

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March 16, 2020

No public events at the NFL draft

      The league announced that there will be no public events in Las Vegas as part of the NFL draft, but that it will take place as scheduled from April 23-25 and will be televised.

“This decision reflects our foremost priority — the health and safety of all fans and citizens,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement. “While the outcome is disappointing both to the NFL and to the Las Vegas community, we look forward to partnering with the Raiders, the city of Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority for a future NFL Draft as well as evaluating opportunities for other major NFL events in Las Vegas in the future, including the Super Bowl.”

Per the league’s statement, they are looking at “innovative options” for how to present the draft and will announce further plans in the future.

Future locations

 The 86th NFL Draft will take place in Cleveland, Ohio in 2021 at downtown locations around FirstEnergy Stadium, including the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, as well as on the shore of Lake Erie.

The 2022 location is to be determined.

The 2023 NFL Draft will take place in Kansas City in the area around Union Station and the National World War I Museum and Memorial. The announcement was made at the NFL's annual Spring League Meeting.

The NFL Draft has become one of the biggest sporting events of the year. The 2019 Draft was the highest-rated and most-watched Draft ever. The 2019 Draft was broadcast over three days and attracted more than 47.5 million total viewers and over 600,000 in attendance. 

Future NFL draft locations

2020    Las Vegas Boulevard and Surrounding Areas   Las Vegas

2021    Downtown Cleveland    Cleveland, OH

2022    TBD  TBD

2023    Downtown Kansas City   Kansas City, MO.

Ran DeBord - All Access Sporting News

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Ran DeBord - All Access Sporting News

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Attributes: AASNSports; NFLCommunication;

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