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February 1, 2020

Bad move by PETA in Kapernick-themed Super Bowl ad

      PETA says its Colin Kaepernick-themed ad for the Super Bowl on Fox is being blocked by the NFL per multiple social media posts by the organization. 

 The animal rights groups ad calls for an end to speciesism—in their words, to "challenge people to expand their concept of injustice to include humans' injustice against other species." So PETA hired an agency to make the commercial, which shows animals taking a knee (Child, please) as voices hum the Star-Spangled Banner. PETA says it was shown to Fox, which is broadcasting Super Bowl LIV, but after a clearance rep said it looked promising, no answer ever came. PETA says local Fox markets aren't getting back to them either. Hmmm, I wonder why?

A league source says the network showing the game ultimately decides whether to air an ad (not the NFL). 

Super Bowl ads cost around $10 million each this year, and PETA has that kind of money to spend?

President Trump and Michael Bloomberg are each dropping $10-million - but PETA? 

The organization stands by its story: "Our patriotic Super Bowl spot envisions an America in which no sentient being is oppressed because of how they look, where they were born, who they love, or what species they are," says PETA President Ingrid Newkirk. "It sends a message of kindness—one that the NFL should embrace, not silence." 

 PETA hitched their wagon to a narcissistic, former NFL QB more concerned about his brand than the message. Perhaps PETA has forgotten the sham "workout" that Kapernick held a couple' months ago; A real opportunity to see if he really wanted to play, or just craved the spot-light without doing the hard-work 1,700 real NFL players do every day. Changing the location at the last minute; Showing up with a documentary film crew; Wearing a 'Kunta-Kinte' tee shirt. 

But there is a case that they knew this would get rejected all along and create publicity from that, saving them millions of dollars. Either way, it's a bad move by  PETA.

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January 31, 2020

Here are 9 ads to watch for during Sunday's game in Miami:


Amazon's ad stars Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, actress Portia de Rossi, imagining life before the company's voice assistant Alexa. A maid named Alexa throws some burning firewood out a window when she is asked to turn the temperature down; an Old West pioneer asks his companion Al to play that song I like. In one of the few political allusions of the night, a newsboy says his newspaper has fake news and a character resembling Richard Nixon asks his secretary to remind him to delete his tapes (although she tells the camera she won't do it).


Arya can sing as well as stab, it turns out. Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams belts out the hit song Let it Go from "Frozen" as she promotes Audi's e-tron family of electric vehicles. The ad airs in the fourth quarter.


The Anheuser-Busch brand enlisted Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow for a 60-second ad that contrasts a voiceover of typical American behavior with real-life video of Americans doing heartwarming things. For instance, the narration says typical Americans are always so competitive while the ad shows Hannah Gavios, who is partially paralyzed, completing a marathon.


The MC Hammer classic U Can't Touch This is 30 years old this year, but that's not keeping Cheetos from embracing it. The snack-food ad features a man with bright orange Cheetos dust on his hands who can't stop moving furniture or performing office tasks. Hammer himself - Hammer pants and all - also keeps popping up to utter his iconic catchphrase.


The snack chip is betting people will connect with Old Town Road, the smash hit of the summer by Lil Nas X. In the Western-themed ad, Lil Nas has a dance-off with grizzled character actor Sam Elliott. Billy Cyrus, who features in the song's remix, also makes a cameo.


The social media site hasn't unveiled its first-ever Super Bowl ad, but it will star Rocky himself, Sylvester Stallone, with comedian Chris Rock to promote the site's Groups feature. The 60-second ad airs late in the game during the fourth quarter.


Google's 90-second ad is one of the few ads this year that doesn't use humor or celebrities. It features a man reminiscing about his wife, using the Google Assistant feature to pull up old photos of her and past vacations. The ad is set to an instrumental version of Say Something by Great Big World.


The automaker pokes fun at Boston accents with a 60-second ad in the first quarter that uses Boston-affiliated celebrities including actor Chris Evans, John Krasinski, Saturday Night Live alum Rachel Dratch and former Boston Red Sox David Ortiz. They discuss Hyundais feature that lets car owners park remotely with exaggerated accents that make Smart Park sound like smaht pahk.


Wrestler-turned-actor John Cena tries to convince Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon that there's a lighter side to working out, with cameos by Tonight show band The Roots and Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt. The ad ultimately hawks Michelob Ultra, which Anheuser-Busch promotes as a lower-calorie beer.

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January 28, 2020

Hyundai Pahks th cah in Hahvad Yahd

      Are you sad that the Patriots and their chowder-head fans aren't going to be at this year's Super Bowl? Don't worry, Hyundai has released its “Smaht Pahk” ad that will run in the first quarter of the game to make you feel right at home.

It features four New England celebrities “paying homage to their beloved Boston.”

The minute-long spot advertises the 2020 Hyundai Sonata and its remote smart parking assist. New England area Sudbury’s Chris Evans and Lexington’s Rachel Dratch watch a driver try and fail to get into a tight parking spot, and then Newton’s John Krasinski pulls up.

“Just hit the clickah – cah pahks itself,” Krasinski says. “It’s wicked smaht.”

The ad shouts out Dorchester, Foxboro, “The Gahden,” Saugus, Swampscott, Revere and “The Hahbah” as other places Krasinski has parked.

“Hey – you can’t pahk there,” Red Sox legend David Ortiz yells out a window. Big Papi is from the Dominican Republic.

Just hit the clickah

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RIP Mr. Peanut

January 23, 2020

Mr. Peanut is dead

The much-beloved monocle-wearing goober was killed in a one-car accident early this morning.

Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh were in the vehicle with Peanut when they suddenly swerved to avoid an armadillo in the middle of the road. The peanut-mobile went airborne and over the side of a steep cliff. 

The three dangled for a short period of time before Peanut let go and fell to his apparent death.  After a subsequent explosion, he expired, apparently.

He was 104.

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January 8, 2020

Trump, Bloomberg drop $20 million on Super Bowl commercials

      The Super Bowl is the most-watched television program of the year in the United States and attracts over 100-million viewers world-wide.

The commercials are one of the reasons viewers tune in. We're in an election year so it’s no surprise that Super Bowl viewers will see campaign ads.

President Trump and Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg have bought one-minute ads at a price of about $10 million.

“President Trump made the unprecedented decision to keep the campaign open following his first election, which allows us to do things like buying a Super Bowl ad,” said Tim Murtaugh, the Trump campaign’s communications director.

Trump’s campaign also ran a commercial during last year’s World Series that highlighted the raid that killed Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The Bloomberg campaign said it decided on a Super Bowl ad once the Republican president’s intentions were clear, adding that the wide audience for the game fits its national delegate strategy. The Democrat is skipping the early four contests to focus on the delegate-rich March 3 Super Tuesday states, wagering that his primary opponents won’t have the resources to compete nationwide.

Trump’s campaign has set fundraising records, saying last week that it raised $46 million in the last quarter of 2019 and had $102.7 million on hand as the election year began. The billionaire Bloomberg, meanwhile, has already spent more than $100 million of his own money on advertising and hired a staff of about 800 in the less than two months he’s been in the race.

Murtaugh said the Trump ad would air during the early part of the game when viewership is typically highest.

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September 26, 2019

J-Lo, Shakira to headline Super Bowl LIV halftime show

     The NFL announced Thursday that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will headline the Super Bowl LIV halftime show at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

This is the first time in history that a Super Bowl halftime show will be headlined by two Latina women - Lopez is of Puerto Rican descent and Shakira hails from Colombia.

The headliner announcement came with much less scrutiny than last year's edition, when several artists including Rihanna, Cardi B, and Jay-Z reportedly declined to perform out of solidarity with Colin Kaepernick. At the time, the former quarterback was engaged in a legal battle with the NFL that centered on the league's perceived refusal to hire him because of his kneeling protests.

Maroon 5, Big Boi, and Travis Scott ended up performing last year, and Scott's appearance required the NFL to join him in donating a sizable amount to a social justice cause.

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