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The six-second TV ad

Monday, September 2017 09:18:28:28

Shorter (6-second) commercials wave of the future

Fox Networks Group announced during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in June that six-second ads would roll out across its digital and on-demand properties. At the time, they also said the format would make its way to TV.

Just two months later, it has already hit the NFL. The first runs began during the "Teen Choice Awards," which aired on Fox on Aug. 13.

The six-second ads will run as part of shorter, 29-second pods, away from longer 15 or 30-second ads. The top of the pod will open with a five-second intro message telling viewers not to change the channel or get up for a snack because the show will be back in less than 30-seconds. It will be followed by four six-second ads.

Fox will also run six-second spots promoting their new fall shows 

Duracell is using the opportunity to assess the impact of six-second ads on TV, and these type of ads could play a bigger role in the creative mix in the near future, Ramon Velutini, president – marketing, Duracell, said in a statement.

Fox, along with the entire TV industry, is trying to figure out how to improve the viewer experience amid a shift toward consuming content on platforms with limited or no commercials.

Advertisers have been able to effectively communicate their messages in six-second ads. YouTube found that 90% of advertisers saw a lift in ad recall after it tested 300 mobile bumper campaigns. This could ease certain concerns about six-second ads’ storytelling power, as some creative executives are worried that six-second ads are too short to tell a story, according to Business Insider. Eased concerns about six-second ads’ storytelling ability could spur additional investment in the format. 

And six-second ads are becoming more widely adopted. YouTube saw a 70% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) increase in advertisers running six-second ads since Q1 2017, and one in three advertisers now uses six-second ads on the platform. Six-second ads have already affected traditional TV networks’ ad strategies — Viacom and Turner have experimented with showing fewer ads to appeal to viewers whose attention spans have been diminished by digital platforms' shorter ad formats. The increasing adoption of shorter ads could cause more TV networks to take on similar strategies.

 Thanks to cord-cutters and DVR's ability to fast-forward through commercials, Fox had little choice but to try something new, Fortune reports. Fox has said it may insert the six-second ads into down moments of the games themselves, which could make them both harder to skip and allow the actual commercial breaks to be shorter—a bonus for viewers.

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