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Woods in good spirits

       Tiger Woods’ team said he’s in “good spirits” and thankful for the good wishes from fans around the world. According to a new statement shared on social media on Friday, Tiger underwent additional procedures after being transported to a second Los Angeles hospital. 

“Tiger has moved to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and received follow-up procedures on his injuries this morning,” the update read. “The procedures were successful, and he is now recovering and in good spirits.” 

Additionally, the athlete and his family “want to thank you all for the wonderful support and messages they have received over the past few days.

“We will not have any further updates at this time,” the statement concluded. 

Woods crashed his loaner Genesis on Tuesday and was taken to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and underwent emergency surgery on his lower right leg and ankle. 

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February 26, 2021

Forget golf, will Woods have a normal leg?

     The high-speed accident in which Tiger Woods suffered a shattered right leg, ankle and foot, left Woods with no memory of the accident. That’s not surprising considering the speed Woods was traveling. He’s lucky he didn’t kill himself or someone else.

Officials are labeling it as a simple accident. But the 45-year-old Woods has to take responsibility for what happened.  As any good attourney will tell you, someone is responsible.

But until we get the results from the Genesis’ black box recorder, Woods’ PR team is working overtime to control the narrative. It was “simply an accident.”

The toxicology report will not be available for weeks, but Woods’ team is pushing the narrative that this was “simply an accident,” (so stop looking for drugs in his system - nothing to see here - keep moving.) TMZ reports Woods’ blood alcohol content level was not checked after the crash because there was no evidence of impairment. 

Thankfully Woods’ life is not in danger, but there are going to be issues. A broken bone heals much faster than crushed bone. The recovery is going to be months for the injuries we know about. There are whiplash concerns in a rollover that take several days to develop - and Woods was recovering from a December back surgery . Who knows how the accident affected the back?

Woods was traveling to The Rolling Hills Country Club, to meet with director Peter Berg and NFL stars Drew Brees and Justin Herbert for the second and final shoot of a documentary series, Tiger Woods: My Game.



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