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April 13, 2019

Masters payday

While the Masters purse is not the most money a player can win on tour, there are plenty of perks to being a Masters champion.

You get the green jacket, a replica of the Masters trophy and a gold medal. 

A Masters win gives you a five-year exemption on the PGA Tour, and a five-year exemption into the U.S. Open, British Open, and PGA Championship.

 You also receive an invitation to the following year's Tournament of Champions, which takes place in Maui at the Kapaula Resort during the first week of January and is reserved only for PGA Tour winners. 

Perhaps the single greatest benefit of winning the Masters is - you receive a lifetime exemption into the tournament and an honorary membership into the most storied and prestigious club in the country.

You also have the honor of choosing the menu for the Champions Dinner the next year, and an invitation to attend every year after that. 

The 65 men who made the cut this weekend at Augusta National will split up an $11.5 million purse, up $500,000 from a year ago. While Patrick Reed took home $1.98 million along with a green jacket for his victory last year, the winner this week will pocket $2.07 million while the runner-up will make $1.242 million.

Here’s a look at the prize breakdown for the top 50 places, with everyone finishing 51st and below splitting the remaining purse:

1st: $2,070,000

2nd: $1,242,000

3rd: $782,000

4th: $552,000

5th: $460,000

6th: $414,000

7th: $385,250

8th: $356,500

9th: $333,500

10th: $310,500

11th: $287,500

12th: $264,500

13th: $241,500

14th: $218,500

15th: $207,000

16th: $195,500

17th: $184,000

18th: $172,500

19th: $161,000

20th: $149,500

21st: $138,000

22nd: $128,800

23rd: $119,600

24th: $110,400

25th: $101,200

26th: $92,000

27th: $88,550

28th: $85,100

29th: $81,650

30th: $78,200

31st: $74,750

32nd: $71,300

33rd: $67,850

34th: $64,975

35th: $62,100

36th: $59,225

37th: $56,350

38th: $54,050

39th: $51,750

40th: $49,450

41st: $47,150

42nd: $44,850

43rd: $42,550

44th: $40,250

45th: $37,950

46th: $35,650

47th: $33,350

48th: $31,510

49th: $29,900

50th: $28,980

Ran DeBord - All Access Sporting News

Source: The Masters

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