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The new Masters Media Center is the finest in sports

Augusta media center is the best in sports

   The media center at Augusta National is said to have cost upwards of 100 million dollars and was constructed in nine months thanks to 20-hour workdays to be ready for the start of last year's Masters.

NASA technology with a Martha Stewart design

It features a 150-seat interview room with a hands-free microphone at each desk, locker rooms with showers and complimentary sunscreen, a restaurant with waiter service and about 350 workstations with two monitors. One has live video from every hole on the back nine as well as the feeds from CBS, ESPN, Golf Channel, and BBC. The other monitor is a customizable leader board, which can be arranged alphabetically, by tee time or by score.

And there are the swiveling rich leather chairs with a panoramic view of the club's practice area.

“There’s nothing else like it in the world,” said Scott Michaux, a columnist for The Augusta Chronicle. “The United Nations doesn’t have anything like this.”

The club has been gobbling up land around its perimeter for years, including recent purchases of land on Washington Road that housed a Pep Boys ($6.9 million) and Jay's Music Center ($5.35 million).

The club also gave the city a loan for a $17 million project to reroute Berckmans Road.

Before 2016, ticket holders entering on Berckmans would have to listen to someone on a bullhorn warning that they would go to hell if they don't obey Jesus' command. Now that area is private property, and the extra space contains free, landscaped parking for spectators and the new media palace.

"It was a big tournament but not huge like it is now," said Doug Frohman, owner of Jay's Music Center with wife Vera. "Behind me was a wonderful little neighborhood, people who lived there forever."

The Frohmans and their neighbors charged five bucks for Masters parking in the old days. Then $15, then $20, then $30. They would easily get $100.00 on Masters Sunday with Tiger in the hunt.

Augusta National officials made the property owners 'an offer they couldn't refuse," and have bought up nearly every house in the area, paying five to 10 times the appraised value. After Berckmans road was rerouted, limiting foot traffic, the Frohmans, like everyone else, finally agreed to sell. 

~ All Access Sporting News - March 29, 2018

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Media dining area


Outdoor seating area for members of the media.

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