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Updated February 29, 6:20 AM


Jim Harris AASN-News

04/25/2016 5:00 AM CT

Just six days after shocking the mixed martial arts world by hinting at his retirement, Conor McGregor has now announced he will be fighting at the UFC 200 event on July 9.

The Irish fighter's rematch with Nate Diaz, who beat him in their welterweight bout in March, had seemed to be off after McGregor was pulled from the Las Vegas event for refusing to attend a promotional press conference.

However, McGregor said on social media Monday that Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White and CEO/chairman Lorenzo Fertitta had backtracked on that decision. CNN is awaiting response from the UFC for confirmation.

"Happy to announce that I am BACK on UFC 200!" McGregor tweeted. "Shout out to Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta on getting this one done for the fans."

McGregor caused a furor in the MMA world by appearing to announce his retirement from the sport on April 19. "I have decided to retire young. Thanks for the cheese. Catch ya's later," he tweeted.

However, in a statement released two days later, the 27-year-old confirmed he wasn't retiring but was instead frustrated at the UFC's promotional "distractions" he was required to do.

Diaz, who had also joked on social media that he was retiring following his rival's "cheese" post, said he was only interested in fighting McGregor -- who suffered his first career UFC defeat against the American.

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