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Vednor at game test positive for COVID-19



March 6, 2020

Concession vendor at Seattle XFL game tests positive for coronavirus

       A vendor who sold concessions at CenturyLink Field during the February 22 Seattle Dragons XFL game has tested positive for COVID-19, but authorities say it is unlikely the stadium employee spread the coronavirus to anyone at the game.

“We have worked with the employee and the operator of the stadium, First and Goal, to evaluate potential exposures at the Feb. 22 Seattle Dragons game, and we’ve determined that the risk of infection to attendees from this person was low,” a spokesman for Seattle’s public health department told the Seattle Times. “We are following up with a few co-workers with close contacts of the employee at the February 22nd game to provide guidance on appropriate precautions.”

The Seattle Dragons said more than 22,000 people attended the game. It is unclear how many people the part-time CenturyLink Field worker came in contact with, but health officials say those who attended do not need to be alarmed.

“There are no extra precautions are required for those who attended the Feb. 22 game or who will attend upcoming events, but all King County residents should know that the risk for infection with COVID-19 is increasing in our community, should be aware of their symptoms, and call their health care provider if they develop a cough, fever, or other respiratory problems,” the spokesman said.

Washington has been the state hardest hit by COVID-19. Of the 12 confirmed coronavirus deaths in the United States, 11 were in Washington.


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